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        Welcome to Jiangsu Haichi Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!
        PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, China Chemical Industry Group, State Grid, Beijing Sanhe Power Plant, Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group
        , Beijing Capital Group, Yangzi Petrochemical, Zhongyuan Oilfield, Qilu Petrochemical, Shanghai Yan'an Road Tunnel, CNPC built six, and so build seven oil...
        Professional Technique Excellent Quality Innovative Spirit
        Select Hai Chi ProductsThree main products with special characteristics, complete specifications and stable quality
        Bridge Advantage:

        The full range can be customized trough, ladder type, tray, large span style, flame retardant type, fire type, etc., selection of high quality hot and cold steel, the surface treatment is divided into: galvanized, spray, passive, hot-dip zinc. Without the use of welding riveting process, enhanced corrosion resistance; appearance, high structural light intensity. Because with the production process standardization, quality and stability, common specifications complete, timely delivery, easy to install a combination of cable laying, corrosion resistance and other advantages users alike...

        Busway Advantage:

        It has the world's most advanced CNC laser cutting machine, hydraulic presses, bending shears, busbar machining center, the largest and most complete product line, most complete industrial chain bus manufacturers, bus products covered low-voltage bus, high pressure bus, bus wind power, nuclear power bus, bus resins, etc., and through 3C, UL, CE, KEMA, ASTA, CIDET, GOST-R and other Term domestic and international certification authority. The company has a provincial-level enterprise technical centers and provincial bus engineering technology research center

        Switchgear Advantage:

        Is a development, design, production and sale of high and low voltage equipment, box-type substation, mining switchgear mainly of large enterprises; the Ministry of Machinery Industry, Ministry of Power Industry sentinel enterprises producing low voltage switch cabinet, low voltage switchgear varieties there are: GGD cabinet fixed, GCK, GCSH, MNSH switch cabinet drawer and XL power distribution box, JXFH non-standard containers, MNS-E dual power switching box, PZ30 lighting boxes, which took the lead in the domestic low-voltage electrical industry through national mandatory 3C certification, its quality, reliable performance, the majority of user acceptance...

        Hai Chi only provide excellent products,
        high-quality services
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